Services to Dealers

Our indirect financing programs basically fall into three categories: Foreign Nationals, First time Buyers , and on a limited scale below prime borrowers.

Our Creed

Excellent Customer Service Practices withholding to the standards of our Partnered Dealerships.

We understand the importance of ratings in today’s social media environment; therefore we are a continuation of your customer service.

We encourage your borrowers’ allegiance to the dealers that provided them a first -time financing opportunity.


  • Foreign Nationals approvals

  • No  Prior Credit History approvals

  • Automated Call Backs Within an Hour. We use Call Back systems such as DealerTrack

  • Unique and Simplified Call Back System for the Industry displaying the NET Dealer Check amount.

  • Available Origination Portal for Loan Submission and Forms Download and  exclusively for our registered dealers.

  • Available Live Underwriting to discuss the loan request prior to submitting through the Origination Portal.

  • No Fees for Loan Request.

  • Next Day Funding

  • Will consider Sub-Prime

  • We report to Credit Bureaus for Foreign nationals that request for their payment history to be reported to the main US Credit bureaus.

  • GAP Coverage to the Client

  • In- House Servicing and Collections to minimize any possible recourse actions

  • High retention of the Notes purchased

  • Excellent Customer Service Practices

Our client relationships and positive results demonstrate our ability to execute leading edge products, programs, and services.